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Hawking LED Lighting Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer LED light bars, LED work lights and LED headlight bulbs

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  • Phone: +86-769-21688131
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    No. 1, Floor 3, Building A, Zhouxipengdong Industrial Park, Shuilian Road, Nancheng District, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Hawking LED Lighting develops and manufactures LED light bars, LED work lights and LED headlight bulbs designed exclusively for the most demanding offroad and commercial trucking applications. Hawking's ultra-durable, high performance lighting solutions feature proprietary solid optics, excellent thermal management, heavy duty construction, and high quality LEDs combined to deliver optimal visibility, rugged durability and extended operational life. Hawking has a cutting edge portfolio of LED light bars which are expertly designed and precision engineered for the toughest of outdoor conditions. Hawking's LED work lights or utility LED lights out-shine their rivals a rock solid, waterproof diet cast aluminum construction built to easily survive the vibrations associated with offroad driving.

Hawking has just the right equipment for any heavy duty vehicle lighting applications, whether you're an off-road vehicle driver that need extra illumination for hunting, fishing, picnicking, or other driving adventures, or you're a professional driver that requires a durable, energy efficient auxiliary lights for maintenance vehicles, agricultural vehicles, law enforcement vehicles, and other construction equipment and heavy machinery such as forklifts, trailers, tractors, excavators. Whatever the need, Hawking can fulfill a solution for anyone who doesn't want to compromise.
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